Can a game bring in commitment and change?

Can a game bring in commitment and change?

On April 4th Liv Jonsson and I did a speech on gamification at Sigma Inspiration Days event in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Our talk was dedicated to the trending approach in engagement boosting, personnel training and recruitment – gamification.

Every one of us has heard about games. We play them almost every day. Adventures, simulations, video games, lotteries – the list is very impressive.

But can we use games to improve our business? The answer is “Yes, we can”.

Gamification enhances customer engagement, employee performance and personal development. It is the driver of innovation. A lot of companies, communities and research institutes already use gamification approach in their business and experience the benefits of it.

How should we implement games and what are some showcases of gamification positive impact on the business? Let me show it to you in the presentation.

Artem Petrenko is Business Development Manager and Project Manager with over 10 years of experience in Software Development. He is interested in new business opportunities and always means to help people to overcome the challenges.

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