AppForum 2013 by Motorola Solutions. Sigma Ukraine team impressions

AppForum 2013 by Motorola Solutions. Sigma Ukraine team impressions


During November 5-7 Dmytro Lapshyn (CTO), Alexander Kislitsyn (Senior Software Developer), and Artem Petrenko (Project Manager), took part in Motorola AppForum 2013 event held in Berlin. Dmytro Lapshyn was one of the speakers at the event; he presented the RhoMobile Suite Visual Studio extension, developed by Sigma Ukraine.

AppForum is an annual event, organized by Motorola Solutions that aims to gather mobile developers and solution architects from all over the Europe to participate in a whole set of detailed breakout sessions, hands-on labs, a product fair, and to network with colleagues and Motorola experts.

The Sigma Ukraine team did an overview of the solution we were involved into as the main development partner of Motorola Solutions. The project dealt with making Visual Studio extension for RhoMobile Suite, Motorola Solutions’ flagship set of development tools that works across variety of platforms. To make the presentation more vivid and engaging to the audience, the team created a demo application called PhotoNotes. The purpose of the sample app was to collect photos and organize them into a set of notes.

Every note can have multiple photos along with some textual description and the location details. The location is determined automatically using the GPS coordinates and Google’s geolocation web services.


Thanks to RhoMobile Suite the same application code base can be built and run on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, and we even got a chance to show it live on real iPhone and Nokia Lumia devices in addition to the emulator that was used during the presentation itself.

Moreover, our team decided to compete in RhoMobile Hackathon that was conducted right at the event. The goal was to develop a mobile application using RhoMobile suite for less than 24 hours. The application had to use device capabilities such as GPS navigation and/or camera. Our team managed to create not just one but even two applications: the “flagship” One Day Planner, which was developed by Alexander Kislitsyn and a “plan B” one, namely QR Code Wallet that was written by Dmytro Lapshyn.

The One Day Planner app helps users to plan a one-day trip to a city they have never been before by filtering places of interest based on the specified user tastes and information gathered from Foursquare.

The QR Code Wallet app gives you an opportunity to create and show QR codes with contact information on the go directly from the smartphone, so that users can scan the contact data right from the smartphone screen by using another smartphone equipped with a camera and QR code scanning software. This enables exchange of contact information without having to use Bluetooth connectivity or SMS messages.

One Day Planner became one of the winners of the RhoMobile Hackathon. QR Code Wallet, although didn’t win any prizes, was still found perspective and interesting by the jury, consisting of Motorola, Microsoft and GitHub experts.

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  1. abbylee · January 22, 2015 Reply

    I thinks QR Code wallet is good idea. It’s very convenient for users pay for goods by scanning QR code with their phone.
    Thanks for sharing your opinion.

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